Coventry Airsoft

Team Bio


Coventry Airsoft is an airsoft team located in Coventry, Rhode Island. We play usually two to three times a month on the weekends and we are all between the ages of 15 and 19. We are always looking for new people to play with and we hope to find other like us that we could compete with. We mostly use MPEG's, but a couple of us have snipers. Everyone on our team has guns either by JG or Echo 1. That is pretty much it, if you have questions about us, send Joe Millette a message, or email me at

The Team


Joe Millette

Weapon(s): JG G36C

Role: Infantry

Description: Joe uses his JG G36C to push back and advance on the enemy at the front lines.


Sam Narkawicz

Weapon(s): Echo 1 MP5, G&G GBB M1911

Role: Infantry

Description: Sam uses his main weapon, an Echo 1 MP5, to infiltrate the enemy and take them out from behind. 


Mike Cordeiro:

Weapon(s): P90 w/ Box Mag

Role: Support

Description: Mike uses his Echo 1 P90 with a box mag to give covering fire to the rest of the team as they advance.


Jake Johnson:

 Weapon(s): UTG L96, Echo 1 G36K

Role: Sniper / Infantry

Description: Jake uses his UTG L96 with leapers scope to take out the HVT's on the opposing force.



Bill Millette

Weapon(s): UHC Tactical 9 

Role: Sniper

Description: Bill uses his UHC Tactical 9 to eliminate important players on the OpFor and provide reconnaissance for the rest of the team. 


Mike Crocker

Weapon(s): JG Tactical AK-47

Role: Support / Infantry

Description: Crocker uses his JG Tactical AK-47 to give suppressing fire and occasionally advance on the enemy at the front line.


Kyle Morelli

Weapon(s): Echo 1 SCAR

Role: Infantry / Recon

Description: Kyle uses his Echo 1 SCAR and sneaks around the enemy to catch them in a cross-fire between him and his team. He occassionally gathersrecon for his team.