Coventry Airsoft

Airsoft Game Scenarios

Deathmatch / Free For All

In this mode, all players are set against each other; there are no teams and alliances between players are usually frowned upon. This mode is usually the most frantic because players have only themselves to rely on, meaning dealing with fire from numerous directions and more difficulty gaining solid cover.

Examples: Last man standing (Ultimus homo stans)

Team Deathmatch / Teams

In this mode, teams are formed between several players. Usually the teams are balanced (no team has more players than the other). The members of a given team have to work together to eliminate all the other players in the game. When all of the players on a team are out, that team is eliminated. This continues until all teams are eliminated. A variation on this is seek and destroy, where one team hides and the other team must find them.

Examples: Last team standing

Capture the Flag

The classic kid’s game with a twist: (usually) two “bases” are set up with a flag (or similar objective) in each one. The players are divided into teams and have to steal the flag from the other team’s base and return it to their own. Usually, if a player is “killed,” they can return to their base and start again.

Examples: Traitors (each team has one player that is a traitor)

Center Flag

Similar to capture the flag but only one flag is placed in the middle of the two teams bases. First goal: capture the flag. Second goal: take the flag to the enemy base. When the flag reaches the enemy base, the enemy loses. If the flag carrier is eliminated, anyone can pick up the flag. For extra long games, multiple flags can be used.

Examples: Capture explosives (1st goal) + Commando raid (2nd goal)

Siege or King of the hill

In this game type, there are two teams: Attackers and Defenders. The Defender team is given a usually fortified position while the Attacking team has to kill all of the Defenders in order to win.

Examples: Hostage rescue (SWAT team)

Carry the flag

One flag and one team carrying it. Objective is to take the flag from point A (normally team base) to point B. The interception team objective is to prevent the flag from reaching point B. There are two variants of this game type, one for long games and another for short games. Games can be longer if anyone can be flag carrier or shorter if only one flag carrier exists. The game ends when no more players can carry the flag (long version) or when the flag carrier is killed (short version).

Examples: president rescue/walk (single flag carrier), Drag the doll (multiple flag carriers), Arm&Destroy objective/Bombing run/place the bomb (flag/bomb carrier).

Grab the flag

One flag is placed in a location away from all teams. The objective is to be the first to reach the flag. The player/team that first reaches (grabs) the flag alive wins. For longer games, a moving flag can be used.

Examples: Manhunt or Foxhunt (one player tries to reach flag - escape), prisoners escape (multiple players trying to reach flag - escape)


Start out with everyone alone, similar to a Free-For-All game, but because waiting for a round to end is boring, those that get shot form teams with the player or players that shot them. Works well if you have a lot of open space, or an uneven number of players. For starting have each person go to a seperate spot of the field and start it. When you get shot you can either throw you hands up in surrender so they (hopefully) stop shooting you or, you can run to the nearest ammo depot reload and then come back to help your newly formed team.


As mentioned before waiting for a round to end can suck, therefore respawn it. This is done by, A) once you get shot do a set number of pushups then get back in the game B) count for a set number of seconds then get back in the game or C) run to a designated base and come back to play. This may, however, lead to “spawn camping” which can be fixed by making any player to be caught doing so stand before a firing squad, or simply go with option C.

MILSIM (MILitary SIMulation)

This is airsoft combined with live action role-playing elements, where multiple missions have to be carried out by all teams of players while the mission objectives of each team are very likely to interfere with each other. This type of game often takes an entire weekend of play time, where the gameplay may be maintained during nighttime, so even more strategic elements like setting up observation posts and the like become key.

Not all players have such structure in their games and may simply be there to have fun, not to compete. This is obviously not a complete list; many more game modes may be invented every time a few friends get together to play.

Games listed above may or may not be mil-sim. Other serious airsofters play historical reenactments that replicate a combat zone or historical event where players wear camo and play scenario based games with squads, objectives and realistic missions.

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For this game type, there will be two teams; the Americans and the Germans. The American team will start at the bottom of a hill (like the one at Kyle's house) and the Germans will be on the road guarding a certain area. The objective of the Americans is to, while staying in an area no longer than two houses, get to the top of the hill and kill the Germans stationed there. The game is won when the Americans get to their objective point, or when the Germans have killed all the Americans. The rules are two shots and you're out.


For this game, there will need to be four bases established beforehand. Each base should have some cover and a non colored flag or cloth on it so it is visible. There will be two teams, and each will start at one base only. The objective is to capture and hold as many bases as possible in the allotted time of 15-20 minutes, depending on how much time there is to play. Someone will have a watch or clock on both sides, and once the game is over, the territories controlled by each team will be counted. To mark a territory as your own, you will have to put a colored flag or piece of cloth up. For example, blue for one team and red for another. However, you can NOT run by a base and take an enemy's flag and either A) Hide it or B) Put your team's flag their instead. 

 If there are any game types that you would like to discuss with the rest of the community, go to the forums and start a thread! All suggestions will be viewed.