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Jake Johns
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yo guys idk how many peeps still use this site, but id like to say joe did a GREAT job with it, it looks really cool now. for all of you who are looking to buy pricey tactical vests, you might want to consider pouches, theyre cheap and you wont have wasteful space if you only have a few mags. on the other hand, if you have a pistol and such, there are cheap tactical vests for like 30 bux online that have places for pistol mags, pistols (comes with a hoslter hooked up) and more cool stuff if you need it. They have cheap p90 pouches which would be a good idea for mike just for backup. so all im saying is, before purchasing a tactical vest, just look at other gear, like pouches


'Well Calebs a LIAR!'

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Go on, its a good source for all that shiz

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